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 ====== Adding 3D video ====== ====== Adding 3D video ======
-Mezzmo lets you add 3D video and stream 3D video to your 3D devices such as TVs.+Mezzmo lets you add 3D video (including 3D Blu-rays) ​and stream ​these 3D videos ​to 3D-capable ​devices such as TVs.
-Mezzmo will attempt to detect if video is 3D and set the appropriate 3D perspective. ​ You can check or change ​this 3D perspective setting:+When Mezzmo ​finds and adds videos into your Mezzmo library, it will attempt to detect if the video is 3D and automatically ​set the appropriate 3D perspective. 
 +You can check or change ​the 3D perspective setting ​for a video as follows:
   - Right-click on the video and click **Properties**.   - Right-click on the video and click **Properties**.
   - On the Properties dialog, go to the Video tab.\\ {{:​propertiesvideo.png?​nolink|Properties dialog (Video tab)}}   - On the Properties dialog, go to the Video tab.\\ {{:​propertiesvideo.png?​nolink|Properties dialog (Video tab)}}
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   - Click **OK** to save your changes.   - Click **OK** to save your changes.
 +**Tip:** Mezzmo uses the 3D perspective setting when:
 +  * Burning subtitles into the video.
 +  * Resizing videos to match your preferred video size in the **Device Settings dialog (Performance ​
 + ​tab)** or the maximum video size as defined by the selected device profile.