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Adding Subtitles for Video Files

Mezzmo will automatically find external subtitle files for your video files when the video files are added into your Mezzmo library or when you maintain your Mezzmo library.

Mezzmo will pick up both external subtitle files and embedded subtitles channels contained in video files.

To view the subtitles for a video file, right-click on a video and click Properties. On the Properties dialog, go to the Subtitles tab.

Properties dialog (Subtitles tab)

Adding a subtitle file

Click the Update Subtitles button and Mezzmo will check for new external subtitle files and embedded subtitle channels for the video.

Click the Add Subtitle button to manually add an external subtitle file.

If your video's embedded subtitle channels are not listed, then try changing the Default probing for embedded subtitles setting to a larger value. Mezzmo will re-scan the video for embedded subtitles into the video file.

Editing/previewing a subtitle file

Click the Subtitle Settings button to preview, configure and convert an external subtitle file.

Disabling/removing a subtitle

Uncheck a subtitle in the subtitles list to exclude it from being streamed to your devices.

Click Remove Subtitle to remove manually added subtitles.

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