Convert Subtitles

Use this dialog to convert an external subtitle file to another format.

Tip: Converted subtitles are saved into your Windows Videos folder and added into your Mezzmo library. The original subtitle track is disabled for the file.

Convert Subtitles dialog


The subtitle file that you are about to convert.


The new subtitle file that you are about to create.

Output format

The subtitle format that you want to create.

Input FPS

The frame rate of the original video that the subtitle file applies to. This setting can be used to make sure that subtitle formats that use frames (rather than time offsets) to display subtitle text are synchronized with the video's frame rate. This helps ensure that subtitles are displayed at the correct times during a video.

Code page

The code page that you want the new subtitle file to be created with.

Add Byte Order Mark (BOM)

The Byte Order Mark (BOM) is a Unicode character that it added to the start of the subtitle file and is used to indicate the file is Unicode. Some devices may require the BOM character to be inside the subtitle file.