Customizing the Mezzmo server icon listed on your devices

By default, you will see the Mezzmo icon listed on your devices. You can change the icon if you wish to personalize your Mezzmo library. Follow these steps:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, go to the “C:\Users\All Users\Conceiva\Mezzmo” folder on your computer.
  2. You will see two .JPG files and two .PNG files in this folder:
    • SmallIcon.jpg
    • SmallIcon.png
    • LargeIcon.jpg
    • LargeIcon.png
  3. These are the icons that are displayed on your devices when you list Mezzmo server.
  4. Make a backup of these image files then change the originals as you wish.
  5. Restart your Mezzmo server and try listing Mezzmo server on your devices.

Important: Make sure your replacement images have the same width, height and bit depth of the original images.

Note: The PNG are 32-bit PNG images with an alpha transparency channel.

Note: If you do not see your new icons displayed on your device, then your device may be caching the previous Mezzmo icon. Try refreshing or re-scanning for media servers on your device. Or, turn off your device and turn it on again.