Mezzmo Pro Feature

Hardware Transcoding

Mezzmo server can take advantage of hardware-based encoding via Intel Quick Sync. This can provide significantly faster transcoding speeds (as compared to software-based transcoding) and lessen the overall load on your computer's CPU.

If your computer or laptop has an Intel CPU and this CPU has Quick Sync support, then you can take advantage of hardware transcoding.

To turn on hardware transcoding, go to the Transcoding Setting dialog and select the Use Intel Quick Sync for faster transcoding checkbox.

Transcoding Settings dialog

Note: If the Use Intel Quick Sync for faster transcoding button is disabled, then the possible reasons are:

  • Your CPU does not have Quick Sync features. You can check your CPU model's features at Intel's ARK eb site -
  • Mezzmo could not locate Intel's Quick Sync DLLs on your computer. Mezzmo needs these DLLs to communicate with your CPU to use Intel's Quick Sync features. You can download the Quick Sync DLLs by installing the Intel Media SDK. It is a free download from

Checking if your Intel CPU supports Intel Quick Sync Video

  1. Run Windows Explorer and right-click on Computer and click Properties.
  2. On the System window, make a note of your Processor type & model.
  3. In your web browser, go to and search for your CPU model (e.g. i7-4790K).
  4. View the specifications page for the CPU and you should find a IntelĀ® Quick Sync Video section and it should state Yes.