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 [[Mezzmo_Windows_Reference_Manual|Mezzmo Windows Reference Manual]]\\ ​ [[Mezzmo_Windows_Reference_Manual|Mezzmo Windows Reference Manual]]\\ ​
-[[Mezzmo_Windows_Troubleshooting|Mezzmo Windows User Guide]]\\ ​+[[Mezzmo_Windows_Troubleshooting|Mezzmo Windows User Guide]]\\ \\ 
 +{{  :​mezzmowindows.png?​nolink ​ |Mezzmo Windows}}
 +===== Mezzmo Web Interface =====
 +Mezzmo Web Interface lets you use any web browser to access your Mezzmo library. ​ You can browse your Mezzmo library, play videos, music and view photos. ​ You can use web browsers inside your home or outside your home.  Mezzmo Web Interface is included in Mezzmo Windows. ​ When your Mezzmo server is running, then Mezzmo Web Interface is available.
 +[[Mezzmo_Web_Interface_User_Guide|Mezzmo Web Interface User Guide]]\\ \\ 
 +{{  :​webinterfacevideodetails.png?​nolink ​ |Mezzmo Web Interface - Video Details page}}
 ===== Mezzmo Android ===== ===== Mezzmo Android =====
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 {{ :​mezzmoforkodiaddon-moviedetails.png?​nolink |Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on}} {{ :​mezzmoforkodiaddon-moviedetails.png?​nolink |Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on}}
 +===== Mezzmo for Roku App =====
 +Mezzmo for Roku is an app that you can run on your Roku media player. ​ The Mezzmo for Roku app lets you browse your Mezzmo server, stream your files with full metadata and artwork, resume playback, search your Mezzmo library, enter your PIN code to bypass content rating restrictions and more.
 +[[Mezzmo_For_Roku_User_Guide|Mezzmo for Roku User Guide]]\\ \\ 
 +{{  :​rokulogo.jpg?​nolink ​ |Roku}}
 +{{ :​mezzmoforroku-moviedetails.jpg?​nolink |Mezzmo for Roku App}}
 +===== Mezzmo for Google Chromecast =====
 +Mezzmo for Chromecast lets you stream all your videos, music and photos from your Mezzmo server to your Chromecast dongles connected in your home.
 +[[Mezzmo_For_Chromecast_User_Guide|Mezzmo for Chromecast User Guide]]\\ \\ 
 +{{  :​google-chromecast-logo.png?​nolink ​ |Google Chromecast}}
 +{{ :​chromecastvideo.png?​nolink |Mezzmo for Chromecast}}
 +===== Mezzmo for Samsung TVs =====
 +Coming Soon.
 +===== Mezzmo for LG TVs =====
-\\ \\ \\ \\ \\  +Coming Soon. 
-__**!!!!!!!!!remove this after sidebar design is completed**__ +{{:​screenshot-library.jpg|}}