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Mezzmo Wiki

Welcome to our Mezzmo Wiki. Here you will find user guides, tutorials and tip & tricks for using our various Mezzmo applications so you can stream your media to your devices and web browsers inside your home and outside your home.

Mezzmo Windows

Mezzmo Windows is a powerful and flexible media server that lets you stream all your media to your devices and web browsers inside your home and outside your home. Install it onto your PC or laptops and start streaming all your files in minutes!

Mezzmo Windows Reference Manual

Mezzmo Windows User Guide

Mezzmo Web Interface

Mezzmo Web Interface lets you use any web browser to access your Mezzmo library. You can browse your Mezzmo library, play videos, music and view photos. You can use web browsers inside your home or outside your home. Mezzmo Web Interface is included in Mezzmo Windows. When your Mezzmo server is running, then Mezzmo Web Interface is available.

Mezzmo Web Interface User Guide

Mezzmo Web Interface - Video Details page

Mezzmo Android

Mezzmo Android is an Android media player, media controller and media server app that runs on all popular Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. Use Mezzmo Android to browse your Mezzmo library and push (play) media onto devices (such as your TV) in your home. Use Mezzmo Android to watch movies, TV shows & home movies, listen to music and view photos on your Android device. Use Mezzmo Android to stream media files stored on your Android device to other devices in your home network.

Mezzmo Android Reference Manual

Mezzmo Android User Guide

Mezzmo Android

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Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on

Mezzmo for Kodi is an Add-on for Kodi - a popular, free media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation. The Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on extends the features of Kodi and lets you browse your Mezzmo server, stream your files with full metadata and artwork, resume playback, search your Mezzmo library, enter your PIN code to bypass content rating restrictions and more.

Mezzmo for Kodi User Guide

Kodi Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on