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Importing your iTunes Library

Mezzmo can import your iTunes library directly into Mezzmo. All media files and playlists in your iTunes library are added into your Mezzmo library.

Click the Add To Library → Add iTunes Library toolbar item to import your iTunes library. You will be required to locate and select your iTunes library file. This files is typically called iTunes Library.xml and is located in the iTunes sub-folder of your Music folder on your computer.

Mezzmo will analyze your iTunes library and extract all media files and playlists, and add them into your Mezzmo library. Depending on the size of your iTunes database, it could take several minutes.

Note: Mezzmo will create playlists your Mezzmo library to match those in your iTunes library. However, it will not create smart playlists to match your iTunes smart playlists.

Note: If you have purchased music, movies or TV shows from the iTunes store, then some of these files may contain Apple's DRM (digital rights management). Files containing DRM may not be able to be played on your devices in your home and Mezzmo may not be able to transcode these files.