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Managing your collection of music

Mezzmo lets you add your collection of music and stream them to your devices and web browsers. You can organize your music collection how you like - for example, a 1:1 representation of your folders, or organized by attributes such as Artist, Album, Genre, Year, Party Shuffle, etc.

All popular music formats are supported. Formats that are not compatible with your devices or web browsers are automatically transcoded.

All popular subtitles are supported - including external subtitles, embedded subtitles and burning subtitles.

Music metadata and artwork

Mezzmo collects music metadata and artwork from various sources when you add your music files into Mezzmo or when you maintain your Mezzmo library:

  • from the filepath of the music file
  • from embedded metadata and artwork within the music file
  • from external artwork metadata files in the same folder as the music file (.JPG, .PNG, etc.)
  • from online music artwork web sites

You can control where Mezzmo collects metadata using the Metadata Retrieval Settings dialog.

Mezzmo Windows displays and lets you edit all the metadata and artwork in the Properties dialog.

Mezzmo server delivers text metadata to your devices and web browsers. Mezzmo Android displays all text metadata and artwork. Web browsers also displays all text metadata and artwork. Most DLNA devices may only display the title, album and artist of a music track.

Music playlists

When you install Mezzmo, it installs a default set of playlists - including the following for your movie collection:

  • Album Artist
  • Artist
  • Composer
  • Genre
  • Last 50 Played
  • Recently Added

These playlists let you browse your collection of music. You can edit, change, move or delete these playlists as you wish.

You can easily extend the number of playlists for your music collection by creating your own smart playlists and active playlists in your Mezzmo library.

You can sort your music tracks into any order. For example, sort them by track order or sort them using a Random Shuffle. right-click on a playlist and click Properties. On the Playlist Properties dialog, set the Sort by setting to your preferred sort order.

Ripping audio CDs

If you a collection of have audio CDs, then Mezzmo can rip the music tracks on these CDs as MP3 or WAV files and add them into your Mezzmo library for streaming. Go to the Add To Library → Rip Audio CD toolbar item to rip an audio CD.

Gapless music

Gapless music is the uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks. If you have (for example) a set of music tracks from a live concert, then you may want to join all these music tracks together to create a gapless multi-file in Mezzmo.

Mezzmo supports creating and streaming gapless music. For existing music tracks in your Mezzmo library, select the music tracks and right-click on one of them and click Create Gapless Multi-file From Selection. For new music tracks that you have not yet added into Mezzmo, click the Add To Library → Gapless Multi-file toolbar item.