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 +====== Mezzmo for Samsung User Guide ======
 +The Mezzmo app for Samsung TVs can be installed using the developer tools on your TV, see the section for your TV model.
 +===== Install for 2014 H-Series Plus Selected J and K Series =====
 +Supported models: All H and HU (4K) series models plus J4300, J5200, J5300, J6200 and K8500.
 +You can logon as develop (user "​develop",​ password "​000000"​ or blank for some models) by clicking the menu button and than select Smart Hub and in there Samsung Account menu on your remote.
 +After you logged on as develop you can press the smart hub button on your remote.
 +Go to my app's list and on one of the installed apps hold the enter button down for a few seconds.
 +Another window will pop up giving you the option to add the IP address. Enter
 +Afterwards hold the enter button down to go in the options again and choose "Start User app sync".
 +There will pop up a new window which says "user apps sync is requested"​
 +After a few seconds the app will be installed on your TV.
 +===== 2013 F-Series Install =====
 +Open the main menu and scroll down to "Smart Features"​ and press enter
 +Select "​Samsung Account"​
 +Select "Log In"
 +In the Email field enter "​develop"​ - no need to enter a password (the password field is inaccessible)
 +Press Login
 +Exit from the menu
 +Press the Smart Hub button on the remote and scroll to Apps
 +Select "More Apps" (at the bottom of the screen)
 +Select "​Options"​ at the top right
 +Select "IP Setting"​
 +Enter the IP address
 +Exit and then select "Start App Sync" from the Options menu - this will download the app
 +Once the app has downloaded it will appear on the "More Apps" screen
 +===== 2012 E-Series Install =====
 +To login as developer
 +Open the Smart Hub
 +Press "​Tools"​ on the remote
 +Select "​Login"​
 +Select "​Samsung account"​
 +Enter "​develop"​ as your Samsung Account ID
 +Enter "​000000"​ in the Password field
 +Press Login
 +develop should now show in the bottom left of the SmartHub screen as being logged in
 +To install/​update the Mezzmo app
 +Open the Smart Hub
 +Confirm that you are logged in as "​develop"​
 +Press "​Tools"​ on the remote
 +Select "​Settings"​
 +Select "​Development"​. If this menu option is missing then you are not logged in as "​develop"​
 +Check the box to "​Agree"​ to the "Terms of Service Agreement"​
 +Select "​OK"​
 +Select "​Setting Server IP"
 +Enter the IP Address
 +Select "User Application Synchronisation"​ - this will download the app
 +Once the app has downloaded it will appear on the SmartHub screen
 +===== 2011 D-Series Install =====
 +On the Samsung device load up the Smart Hub and press red to login
 +Login with the details "​develop",​ password "​000000"​
 +Once logged in, press the blue button and there should be a developer menu.
 +In there select "​Setting Server IP" and it will ask for an IP address. Enter
 +Once that's done select "User Application Synchronisation"​ and hopefully it will connect and download the app to the TV.