Mezzmo Notify Window

When a computer or device on your home network attempts to access the Mezzmo media server on your computer using UPnP/DLNA, the Mezzmo Notify window is displayed.

Mezzmo Notify window

The Mezzmo Notify window is displayed so that you know about all attempts by other computers and devices to access your playlists and digital media files in your Mezzmo library. You have full control over what computers or devices on your home network are allowed access using the Media Devices dialog.

The Mezzmo Notify window displays the name of the device and the IP address of device that has attempted to connect to the Mezzmo media server on your computer.

If you want to permit the computer or device to access your Mezzmo media server, then do nothing. The window will disappear after several seconds.

If you want to deny access to this computer or device, then click on the Mezzmo Notify window and it will display the Media Devices dialog. The name and IP address will be displayed in the list and you can change its permission status to allowed or denied.

Tip: You can turn on/off displaying the Mezzmo Notify window in the Media Devices dialog.