Mezzmo Pro Feature

Options - Ripping CDs

Options dialog (Ripping CDs page)

Default ripping format

Select the file format you want to use when you rip audio CDs. The Settings button will be enabled if the format you have selected has any additional settings.

Add music files into Mezzmo library after ripping

Selecting this checkbox will add the ripped music files into the Mezzmo library.

Display a prompt to rip when inserting an Audio CD into your computer

Selecting this checkbox will display a prompt to rip an Audio CD whenever it is inserted into your computer. This will only appear when Mezzmo is running.

Eject CD after ripping is complete

Selecting this checkbox will cause the Audio CD to be ejected from your CD drive as soon as ripping has completed.

Save to

Enter the folder you want your ripped music files to be saved into. Click the Browse button to choose a folder.

Automatically create sub-folders using Artist and Album tags

Selecting this checkbox creates sub-folders based on the artist name and album name when ripping your music.

Example: If you rip the Eagles, Hotel California CD into the folder 'C:\My Music', then the music files will be saved into the following folder: 'C:\My Music\Eagles\Hotel California\Track1.mp3'.</p>

File Naming Settings

Click this button to choose how the music files will be named when they are created.

Default Settings

By clicking this button, the default values will be applied to this set of options.