Playlist/Folder Sharing Permissions

Mezzmo lets you control the security access to playlists and folders in your Mezzmo library. You can permit or deny access to any of your playlists and folder when devices or users connect to your Mezzmo library using your Mezzmo media server.

This can be useful when you wish to limit what folders or playlists that a device in your home can access. For example, you may want to not let the computer or games console in your children's bedroom to access certain folders or playlists that you have in your Mezzmo library.

Playlist/Folder Sharing Permissions dialog

To set the sharing permissions for a playlist, right-click on a playlist or folder in the tree and click the Playlist Sharing Permissions. The Playlist Sharing Permissions dialog will be displayed.

Tip: For parental control over your Mezzmo library, we recommend using Content Ratings to limit what files, playlists and folders are listed and played on a device.


This is the playlist/folder that you are changing sharing permissions for.

Allow all devices/users to access this playlist/folder

By clicking this radio button, you are permitting all devices/users access to this playlist or folder, with the exception of any devices or users listed in Except for these devices/users.

Do not allow any device access to this playlist

By clicking this radio button, you are denying all devices and users access to this playlist or folder, with the exception of those devices and users listed in the Except for these devices/users.

Add Device

Click the Add Device button to choose what devices to add into the Device/User list.

Mezzmo Pro Feature

Add User

Click the Add User button to choose what users to add into the Device/User list.


By clicking the Delete button, the selected device or user will be removed from the Device/User list.

Apply to sub-playlists/sub-folders

By clicking this checkbox, the permission settings will also be applied to all sub-playlists or sub-folders under the current playlist or folder.