To access your Mezzmo media server from outside your home network, you will need to forward the port of your Mezzmo server from your router so that your Mezzmo media server is exposed to the Internet. By default, the Mezzmo media server’s port is 53168. Next, you will need to find out your computer’s IP address by opening a Windows command line (press the Windows key on your keyboard and ‘R’ together then type ‘cmd’ and press Enter) and then run ‘ipconfig’ in the command line to find out your IP address. With these details, you can then go to your router’s webpage (you will be able to see this in the output from ipconfig as the default Gateway) and log into it and find the section for port forwarding. Add the IP address and port for the Mezzmo server. For more help, see or for more information about forwarding ports in your router.

Once your port is forwarded in the router, then you can add this information to Mezzmo. Go to the Media Server Settings dialog and add the remote port into the ‘Remote Access Port’ field and click OK. Now you can go to Media Server → Web Access and double-click on the ‘Admin’ user (or another user) to set your Web Access password and change the setting for 'Allow the user to connect' from '(LAN Only)' to '(Allow)' then click on the remote access link to test that remote access is working. If all goes well, then you should see the Web Access login page in your web browser. If you get an error, then check your port forwarding settings in your router again to make sure the port is forwarded correctly.