Setup Your Mezzmo Library

After installing Mezzmo, the next step is adding your music, videos and photos on your computer or NAS into Mezzmo so you can start streaming to your web browsers and devices on your home network or outside your home. This dialog makes adding all your media files very easy.

Setup Your Mezzmo Library dialog

Click the Add Folder button to add a folder that contains music, video or photos on your computer. The folder will be added to the Folders list. Click OK and Mezzmo will scan through all the folders and find the music, video and photos.

Tip: You can skip using this dialog if you wish and just the Add To Library → Add Folder toolbar button


The list of folders that will be added into Mezzmo when you click OK. You can add, change or remove any folder that is listed. Mezzmo will find all the music, video and photos contained in these folders and add them into your Mezzmo library.

Add Folder

Click this button to add a folder on your computer that contains music, video or photos.


Click this button to change the folder that is currently selected.


Click this button to delete the currently selected folder.

Add music and playlists from iTunes into my Mezzmo library

If you have iTunes installed on your computer, Mezzmo will detect it and display this checkbox. When this checkbox is selected, Mezzmo will scan your complete iTunes library and add all the files and playlists into your Mezzmo library.

Note: Mezzmo does not add smart playlists from iTunes; only normal iTunes playlists.