Smart Filter

Use the Smart Filter dialog to restrict your active playlist to a certain group of files.

Smart Filter dialog

Example: You wish to restrict your active playlist to TV shows that have not yet been watched. The search criteria would include two rules:

  • Match [all] of the following rules:
    • [Category] [contains] [TV Show]
    • [Play Count] [is] [0]

You can use many different attributes of your media files for filtering your active playlists - including Artist, Album, Bit depth, Duration, File type, File size, Genre, Height, Width, Year, Title and Rating.

Match all/any of the following rules

If you have multiple rules in your search criteria, you can choose to have media files match all the rules or match any of the rules.

Creating rules

To enter a rule, choose a field from the first combo box (for example, Genre or Artist or Album). Then, choose an operator (for example, 'is' or 'starts with'). Then, enter the value to match with (for example, 'Rock').

To add a new rule, click the + button at the end of a rule. A new empty rule will be added into the dialog box.

To remove a rule, click the - button at the end of a rule. The rule will be removed.

Limit playlist to

Limiting playlist is useful if you do not wish to see all matching media files, but just a certain number. For example, the top 50 rated songs, or the 100 recently added videos.