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 ====== Streaming live audio or video ====== ====== Streaming live audio or video ======
-Mezzmo can stream live audio and video to your devices and web browsers.+Mezzmo can stream live audio and video to your devices and web browsers.  You can specify that a URL is a live stream when adding the URL into your Mezzmo library. 
 +{{:​addurllivestream.png|Add URL dialog}} 
 +If a URL is live online video (such as a sports event or a webcam) or live online audio (such as online radio), then you can select the **Live stream** checkbox to tell Mezzmo that this URL is a live stream. ​  
 +Mezzmo treats live streams differently to normal URLs and files - specifically when it comes to transcoding. ​ Normally, Mezzmo will cache a transcoded file and use it when the URL or file is played again. ​ However, for live streams, Mezzmo does not cache the transcoded file or URL so that it is always the most recent content from the web. 
 +===== Changing the properties of live audio or video ===== 
 +  - Right-click on the video and click **Properties**. 
 +  - On the **Properties** dialog, go to the Video (or Audio) tab.\\ {{:​propertiesvideolivestream.png|Properties dialog (Video tab)}} 
 +  - Modify the **Live stream** checkbox. 
 +  - Click **OK** to save your changes.