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-sdfsdf+====== Streaming using HTTPS secure protocol ====== 
 +If you wish to use HTTPS for your media streaming with Mezzmo server, then you can install NGINX onto your computer to act as a reverse proxy. 
 +Follow these steps: 
 +  - Download and install NGINX from http://​nginx.org/​en/​download.html. 
 +  - Download a sample config file from http://​www.conceiva.com/​downloads/​nginx_conf_sample.zip. 
 +  - Unzip and edit the sample config file.  You will need to change the '​server_name'​ and set the IP address of your Mezzmo server in the config file. 
 +  - Copy the config file to the NGINX '​conf'​ folder. ​ It will overwrite an existing '​conf'​ file.  
 +  - You will need to provide your own certificates for HTTPS. ​ You can create these using any certificate authority (e.g. Let's Encrypt - https://​letsencrypt.org).  
 +  - Once you have your certificates installed in NGINX, then you can start NGINX by running 'start nginx.exe'​ from the Windows command line.  
 +  - Now you should be able to navigate to your domain using HTTPS and access your Mezzmo server.