Streaming your preferred audio language in videos

Setting your preferred audio language for your Mezzmo library

You can specify the list of audio languages that you want Mezzmo to stream for your videos. Mezzmo will automatically select the audio language when transcoding or streaming a video to your web browsers or devices.

Example: You only speak English so you want English language audio played whenever possible. When a video has multiple audio channels, then Mezzmo will make sure the English audio channel is used for transcoding and streaming.

To set your preferred audio language(s), go to the Options dialog (Streaming page).

Options dialog (Streaming page)

Setting your preferred audio language for a particular video

If you do not have the correct audio language playing with your video, then the first thing to do is try changing the audio using your device's remote control. Try pressing the Tools or Options or Audio button on your remote control and see if the audio channels are listed for selection.

If your device does not let you choose the audio channels for a video, then you can use Mezzmo to set your preferred audio channel for a particular video to stream to your devices.

  1. Right-click on the video in Mezzmo and click Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog, go to the Video tab.
  3. Select an audio channel from the Preferred audio channel list.
    Properties dialog (Video tab)
    Tip: Mezzmo tries to determine the language of the audio channel and will add a language prefix to denote the language - for example “(eng)”, “(fra)”, “(kor)”. If Mezzmo cannot determine the language, you must select one of the audio channels and try streaming it to your device.
  4. The preferred audio channel will be used by Mezzmo whenever the video is transcoded to another format.
    Tip: You may need to delete any transcoded files for the video, otherwise Mezzmo will stream them instead of transcoding the video with your newly selected audio channel. Go to the Transcoding tab to delete the transcoded files for the video file.

Tip: If your device does not let you change the audio channels using your remote control when playing the video, then select the Only stream the preferred channels to devices checkbox so that only the preferred audio channel is streamed for both natively supported and transcoded files. This does require transcoding the original file.