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Using Linked Playlists

Linked playlists let you reference external playlist files on disk that you have created with other media player tools such as Windows Media Player, WinAmp, etc. or internet-based playlists such as YouTube playlists and channels.

They are fully dynamic so the list of files or URLs in the linked playlist will change as your external playlist changes.

All popular playlist file formats are supported - .M3U, .PLS, .WPL, .ZPL.

To create a linked playlist, click Create Playlist → Linked Playlist.

Linked Playlist dialog

Typically you would use a linked playlist when:

  • You have a collection of playlists on disk that you use with your favorite media player. This lets you automatically keep in-sync your media player playlists and Mezzmo playlists.
  • You have favorite users, channels or playlists on web sites that you like to follow. For example, you follow a YouTube user or the Youtube user's channel.

Right-click on the playlist and click Properties to edit it at any time.

Give your playlist a meaningful name and description. Optionally, select some poster artwork for it - or leave it blank and Mezzmo will automatically assign artwork to it based on the files contained in the playlist.

Set the content rating for the linked playlist so that certain devices or users will be restricted from seeing it or playing the files within the smart playlist. For example, set the content rating to 'R' if it contains files that are not suitable for children.

Set the way you want your titles displayed for the files in the active playlist using the Display Titles button. For example, you may want your music tracks listed with full information to make them easy to identify such as “Coldplay - X&Y - Speed of Sound”.

Click the Check playlist for new files every checkbox to keep your linked playlist up-to-date. You can select the refresh interval using the Refresh interval edit box and combo box. Mezzmo will check the playlist at the specified interval and detect any new or deleted files from the playlist. Newly detected files will be automatically added into your Mezzmo library with full metadata and artwork.

Set the Sort by setting to match they way you want your files listed. Select No sorting to have the files listed as they are listed in the external playlist file.