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Using Play To in Mezzmo Windows

Mezzmo Windows lets you push your videos, music and photos to your DLNA / UPnP devices on your home network for immediate playback. This handy when you wish to play files while at your PC or laptop where Mezzmo Windows is installed.

Example: You can play a music playlist of your favorite songs on your home theater system, or have a photo slideshow playing on your TV, or play mix tape of music videos on your TV.

Playing files using Play To in Mezzmo

To play a file on a device, simply right-click on the file in Mezzmo Windows and click on a device listed on the Play To menu item. Your file will be pushed to the device and played immediately.

To play a collection of files one after the other, right-click on a folder or playlist in Mezzmo and select a device listed on the Play To menu item.

Tip: Set the Repeat button on the Play To pane to repeat playing the playlist.

Using the Play To pane to control playback

When a file is playing, you can control the playback of files playing using the Play To pane.

The Play To pane has the following playback features - Play, Stop, Pause, Seek, Next File, Previous File, Random Shuffle, Repeat Playlist / Track / None, Volume and Mute.

For photos, The Play To pane will play your photos in a photo slideshow on your device. You can adjust the interval between photos using the Photo Slideshow Interval. You can manually move to other photos using the Seek slider.