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Web Access

The Web Access dialog letss you specify all the users that can access Mezzmo server via a web browser - both inside your home and outside your home.

Web Access dialog


This is the list if user accounts that you are managing for Mezzmo server's web interface. You can add, edit, remove or change access rights for users accounts.


Click to add a new user account.


Click to edit the selected user account user account.


Click to delete the selected user account.

Allow / LAN Only / Deny

Click to toggle the access for the selected user. When clicking Deny, the connect status will change to Deny - meaning the user account cannot be used to access Mezzmo server. When clicking LAN Only, the connect status will change to LAN Only - meaning the user account can be used only to access Mezzmo server on your home network. When clicking Allow, the connect status will change to Allow - meaning the user account can be used to access Mezzmo server on your home network and outside your home network.

Notify me when users login to Mezzmo server via web browser

When checked, Mezzmo will display a small popup window in the bottom right of your desktop when a user logs into your Mezzmo server. This can be useful to know when users are accessing your Mezzmo server.

Homepage Settings

Click to edit your default homepage settings for your Mezzmo server. This make it more personalized for your needs.

The homepage settings are used when displaying your Mezzmo server's homepage or login page. You can set the title, description and backdrop. You can also provides links to other web sites such as you personal web site, blog, Facebook page, etc.

Tip: You can also set individual (personalized) homepages for each user account. Edit each user account and go to the User Settings dialog (Homepage tab).