Adding Folders

Adding folders gives you a 1:1 representation of your folders on disk. This is a great way to organize your files in your Mezzmo library and gives you total freedom how you want to organize your Mezzmo library.

Folders have the following benefits:

  • 1:1 representation of your files and folders on your computer and NAS drives.
  • Dynamically updated whenever you browse into the folder on your devices, web browsers and in Mezzmo Windows app.
  • Automatically refreshed at your preferred interval. For example, you may want Mezzmo to check for new files in the folder every 6 hours so that the files are automatically added to your Mezzmo library and are ready for streaming.
  • Merge folders from various locations/drives into one folder.

Adding a folder

To add a folder into your Mezzmo library, click Add To Library → Add Folder toolbar item.

Folder Properties dialog

Editing a folder

To edit a folder into your Mezzmo library, right-click on the folder and click Properties.

Keeping your folders up-to-date

The best way to keep your folders up-to-date is to use the Refresh Interval for folders. This automatically keeps your files and folders up-to-date.

  1. Right-click on a folder and click Properties.
  2. On the Folder Properties dialog, select the Check for new files every checkbox and enter the refresh interval you prefer. For example, you may want to check for new files every 30 minutes, or every 6 hours, or every 5 days.
  3. Click OK to save your changes.
  4. Mezzmo Windows app or Mezzmo server will scan the folder on disk at the interval you have specified and add any new files that it finds into your Mezzmo library. Newly added files be ready for streaming, complete with text metadata and artwork.

Ignoring sub-folders

If you have sub-folders that you do not want Mezzmo to include, then simply place a _ignore.mezzmo file into the sub-folder. Mezzmo will not list this folder and will not add files from this folder into your Mezzmo library.

Example: You may want to add your NAS top level folder into your Mezzmo library, but you do not want the Documents and Programs folders added into your Mezzmo library.