Server transcoding too slow

When Mezzmo media server is transcoding a file and streaming it to your device or web browser, it must transcode the file on-the-fly fast enough so that your device can play it. If Mezzmo media server is not fast enough to transcode the file on-the-fly, then it will not have enough file data to stream to your DLNA device and your device may stutter or stop playing the file suddenly.

How to improve on-the-fly transcoding speed

Close running applications

Close applications that are running on your computer that may be taking CPU or RAM away from Mezzmo media server.</p>

Turn on hardware transcoding

If your computer has an Intel CPU and this CPU has Quick Sync Video features, then you can use hardware transcoding in Mezzmo to greatly increase your transcoding speed. Go to the Transcoding Settings dialog to turn on hardware transcoding.

Upgrade your computer

Transcoding video is very CPU and memory intensive. Your computer should have a multi-core CPU and at least 4GB RAM.

For 720p or 1080p video files that require transcoding, then it is recommended to have at least a Quad-core CPU or higher with at least 4GB RAM.

Alternative Solution: Use Mezzmo's Pre-transcoding features

If you are unable to upgrade your computer's CPU or memory, then you can transcode your files before streaming them to your device so that streaming is not affected by transcoding on-the-fly.

Mezzmo has a feature called pre-transcoding that lets you transcode files before you stream them to your device. That way, Mezzmo media server will just stream the already transcoded file without any transcoding taking place.

To pre-transcode a file, right click on the file and click Pre-transcode Files.

To pre-transcode a folder or playlist of files, right click on a folder or playlist and click Pre-transcode Playlist.

To pre-transcode your entire Mezzmo library, click the Tools → Pre-transcode Library menu item.