Streaming Webcams

If you have a webcam, then you can stream it to web browsers or devices using Mezzmo server.

Example: This is handy if you wish to monitor your home or pets whilst you are away from your home.

Adding a webcam into your Mezzmo library

Tip: Make sure your webcam is connected to your computer and is working. Try using it with the webcom software that came with your webcam. Tip: Make sure you have the latest software drivers for your webcam.

  1. In Mezzmo, click Add To Library → Add Capture Device toolbar item.
  2. On the Add Capture Device dialog, select your webcam from the Video list.
    Add Capture Device
  3. Optional: Select your webcam from the Audio list if your webcam includes a microphone and you wish to have audio streamed along with the video as well.
  4. Click OK and your webcam will be added into your Mezzmo library. You will find it in the Video → Recently Added playlist.

Streaming your webcam to devices and web browsers

Streaming your webcam is just like streaming a file. On your web browser or device, simply connect to your Mezzmo server and select your webcam from your Mezzmo library. Mezzmo will begin streaming it.

Webcam Pet