Change the default SSDP advertisement interval

You can change the time interval that Mezzmo advertises itself on your home network. Mezzmo server advertises itself so that your devices can detect that Mezzmo server is running. This is follows the UPnP and DLNA guidelines. By default, Mezzmo server advertises itself every 30 minutes. You can change this to a shorter or longer interval using Server advertisement interval setting in the the Media Server Settings dialog.

Media Server Settings dialog

Tip: If you regularly experience disconnection problems from your device when streaming videos at the 20-30 minute interval, you can try changing Mezzmo's advertisement value to 86400 (which is 24 hours).

Tip: If your device has trouble detecting Mezzmo, then you can try reducing the advertisement interval to 180 (which is 3 minutes).

Important: You must restart your Mezzmo server after making any changes to the Server advertisement interval setting.