Mezzmo Pro Feature


Channels are external sources of video, music and photos that you can add into your Mezzmo library.

Channels are created by Conceiva and third-party developers using Mezzmo's plugin architecture. Plugins are scripted in Python and provide third party developers great flexibility and scope for creating channels that deliver media from a variety of sources such as web sites, online feeds, etc.

Tip: New channels are added into Mezzmo upon each new Mezzmo version, so check this dialog to see if there channels that interest you.

Channels dialog

All channels are listed in the Channels dialog. Select a channel from the tree and a description of the channel will be displayed.

Enter some text to restrict the channels listed to those containing the text in the channels name or description.


Select the media type you are interested in (videos, music or photos) to restrict the channels listed to those that deliver that particular media type.

After you find a channel that you wish to add into your Mezzmo library, click OK.