Get Online Video Metadata

This dialog lets you search popular movie and TV show web sites such as and for metadata relating to movies and TV shows that you may have. Mezzmo will search these sites based on the search term you use and display the results for you to choose your preferred video metadata.

Video metadata collected and used by Mezzmo includes movie title, series title, episode title, episode number, year, actors, and genre.

Get Online Video Metadata dialog


Enter the title of the movie, TV series or TV episode. This will be used to search and

Tip: If you do not get satisfactory search results, then change the title to search for and try again.

Tip: For movies, try adding the year to your search and this will narrow the search to that year. For example, 'Toy Story 1999' will get you search results for 'Toy Story 2'.

Movie / TV show

Choose the type of video. If you select Movie, then Mezzmo will search the movie web site. If you select TV show, then Mezzmo will search web site.


Enter the language ID that you want the language of the online metadata search results to be. If your preferred language is not available, then English results will be returned. Popular language IDs are:

  • en = English
  • fr = French
  • de = German
  • it = Italian
  • pl = Polish
  • nl = Dutch
  • sv = Swedish
  • es = Spanish
  • ru = Russian
  • ja = Japanese
  • pt = Portuguese
  • zh = Chinese
  • el = Greek
  • fi = Finnish
  • da = Danish
  • no = Norwegian
  • ko = Korean
  • cs = Czech
  • tr = Turkish

Click this button to start searching. Searching may take several seconds as it finds the matching metadata.

Search results: 1/5

All results are displayed for you to select. The title and summary of each movie, TV series or TV episode is displayed along with a thumbnail image.

Click the Next button to browse to the next metadata in the search results.

Click the Previous button to browse to the previous metadata in the search results.

For TV shows, click the Episode combo box to choose the particular episode you are interested in.

Use image

If you like the thumbnail image, then click this checkbox and it will be used for the selected file in your Mezzmo library.