Keeping your Mezzmo library up-to-date

Mezzmo has several ways to keep your files automatically up-to-date.

Refreshing your folders automatically

When you add one of your folders into your Mezzmo library using Add To Library → Add Folder, Mezzmo makes a 1:1 representation of the folder, its sub-folders and files. You can customize how the folder works in your Mezzmo library via the Folder Properties dialog.

One of the settings in the Folder Properties dialog is the Check for new files every checkbox and value. This setting lets you tell Mezzmo to scan the folder (and its sub-folders) at regular intervals to find any new files and sub-folders.

Folder Properties dialog - Refresh Interval

In the above screenshot, Mezzmo will scan though the specified folder(s) on the NAS drives every 7 days. If you wish, you can change this refresh interval to minutes, hours or days.

Mezzmo Windows (or Mezzmo server) will scan your folder on disk and check for new files at your preferred refresh interval. When it finds new files, they will be added into your Mezzmo library with full text metadata and artwork. Your active playlists and smart playlists are also updated at the same time. So, your Mezzmo library is ready for streaming all your files when you want it to.

Tip: After defining a refresh interval for your folders, you can exit Mezzmo Windows application if do not wish to have it running all the time and simply let Mezzmo server look after the scanning of folders at your refresh intervals.

Maintaining your Mezzmo library

The Maintain Library dialog is used for scanning your Mezzmo library and updating various aspects of it. You can select the types of files and what attributes to update. It can also be used to scan your folders for new files.

Tip: For adding new files into your Mezzmo library, we recommend using the Refresh Interval in the Folder Properties dialog.

Maintain Library - Daily Schedule

In the above screenshot, maintenance will be run at 2:00AM every night and maintenance will only be done on new files or files with missing (empty) attributes.

Note: Maintain Library with a schedule set requires that Mezzmo Windows application is running for maintenance to kick off at the prescribed time each day.