Managing your collection of photos

Mezzmo lets you add your collection of photos and stream them to your devices and web browsers. You can organize your photos how you like - for example, a 1:1 representation of your folders, or organized by attributes such as Keyword, Year, Month, etc.

All popular image formats are supported - including RAW digital camera formats. Formats that are not compatible with your devices or web browsers are automatically transcoded.

Photo metadata

Mezzmo collects metadata from your photos - including EXIF and ITPC metadata.

You can control where Mezzmo collects metadata using the Metadata Retrieval Settings dialog.

Mezzmo Windows displays and lets you edit all the metadata and artwork in the Properties dialog.

Mezzmo server delivers text metadata to your devices and web browsers. Mezzmo Android displays all text metadata and artwork. Web browsers also displays all text metadata and artwork. Most DLNA devices may only display the title and description of a photo.

Photo playlists

When you install Mezzmo, it installs a default set of playlists - including the following for your photo collection:

  • Year
  • Last 50 Played
  • Recently Added

These playlists let you browse your collection of photos. You can edit, change, move or delete these playlists as you wish.

You can easily extend the number of playlists for your photo collection by creating your own smart playlists and active playlists in your Mezzmo library.