Streaming to Chromecast dongles

Mezzmo Android can cast (stream) your collection of videos, music and photos to Google Chromecast dongles (including first and second generation).

Features include:

  • Stream videos, music and photos to Chromecast dongles.
  • Transcoding on-the-fly so all your files will play on your Chromecast dongle.
  • Cast Details screen to view full metadata and artwork onscreen.
  • Stream subtitles when streaming videos.
  • Full playback control - Play, Stop, Pause, Seek, Volume, Mute, Previous File, Next File, Shuffle, Repeat & more.

Playing files on your Chromecast dongle

  1. Select your Mezzmo media server using the SERVER screen.
  2. Select your Chromecast dongle using the DEVICE screen.
  3. Browse and find a file to play using the MEDIA screen.
  4. Play the file. Mezzmo Android will contact your Mezzmo server and push the selected file onto your Chromecast dongle. Your Chromecast dongle will start playing the file.
  5. Go to the PLAYING screen to control playback on your Chromecast.

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