Mezzmo Android - Choose Device

Touch or click the Menu button or swipe from left to right to display the Dashboard. Touch or click DEVICE to list and choose the device you wish to use with Mezzmo Android.

All DLNA / UPnP devices found on your home network are listed here including TVs, Blu-ray players, games consoles, home theaters, AV receivers, tablets, smartphones, media players and Google Chromecast dongles.

Mezzmo Android - Device Selection


Touch or click a device in the list that you wish to use with Mezzmo.

Touch or click the Refresh icon to refresh the list of devices.

Tip: The device listed with (Local) is the Android device that you are using at the moment. It lets you stream and play files from your Mezzmo server directly in Mezzmo Android using it's built-in video player, music player and photo viewer.