Mezzmo Web Interface - Browsing and viewing photos

Mezzmo' web interface lets you view all your photos from your Mezzmo library. Simply log into your Mezzmo library using your web browser and browse your photo folders and playlists. You can view individual photos or play photo slideshows. You can also view your photos full screen.

Mezzmo Web Interface - Browse Photos page


  • Select a photo's thumbnail to view details of the photo.
  • Select a photo's title or text to play the photo in a photo slideshow.

Photo slideshows

You can view photo slideshows by selecting a photo and clicking the Play icon.

Mezzmo Web Interface - Photo slideshow page

You can control your photo slideshow in a variety of ways:

  • Click the Slideshow Interval icon to speed up or slow down the slideshow.
  • Click the Previous File icon to view the previous photo in the folder / playlist.
  • Click the Play icon to start the photo slideshow.
  • Click the Stop icon to stop the photo slideshow.
  • Click the Next File icon to view the next photo folder / playlist.
  • Click the Toggle Full Screen icon to display the photo full screen. Press Escape key on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.
  • Click the Toggle Shuffle Media icon to play the photos in a random order.