MP3 Settings

Use the MP3 Settings dialog to adjust the quality of the MP3 files that are created by Mezzmo.

MP3 Settings dialog

Encoding speed

Choose an encoding speed that matches your requirements. If you want the highest quality MP3 files, then choose High Quality. If you want fast MP3 conversion, then choose Low Quality. The default setting is Normal.


Bitrate is the amount of music data transferred per second when playing the MP3 file. In general, the higher the bitrate, the more information is transferred and the higher the quality of the MP3 music file. Typically, a higher bitrate results in a larger MP3 file size.

Choose either Variable bitrate, Average bitrate or Constant bitrate as your encoding method and choose the desired kilobits per second (kbps) for the MP3 file.

Embed thumbnail image in file

By clicking this checkbox, the thumbnail image specified in the Rip CD dialog will be added into the MP3 file as meta data. This is useful since Mezzmo can read most meta data - including thumbnail images - and display them in your Mezzmo library. However, adding thumbnail images into MP3 files can make your MP3 files larger in file size - which may be an important consideration to you if you wish to transfer them to your portable media player device which has limited memory.

Default Settings

By clicking this button, the default values will be applied.