Options - Subtitles Advanced

Use these settings for customizing the way the Mezzmo locates your subtitle files and how it extracts embedded subtitles from your video files.

Options dialog (Subtitles Advanced)

Additional folder containing external subtitle files

Typically your external subtitle files are located in the same folder as your video files. However, if you have all your subtitle files located in another folder on your computer or NAS, then click Browse and choose this folder. Mezzmo will search this folder in addition to the folder containing your video files for external subtitle files. Click Clear to remove this alternate folder.

Auto extract embedded subtitles into cache

Click this checkbox if you want Mezzmo to automatically extract embedded subtitles from video files. Some devices in your home may not support displaying embedded subtitles and may only display external subtitles or not display any subtitles (in which case, Mezzmo must burn subtitles into your transcoded videos). For these devices, Mezzmo needs to extract the embedded subtitles from your videos files and save them onto your computer as external subtitle files so it can stream them to your device or burn them into transcoded videos.

Extracted subtitles are listed in the Properties dialog (Subtitles tab) for a video file in Mezzmo. These subtitles will be listed with an Extracted type for easy identification. You can enable or disable use of them just like any other subtitle.

If you turn this checkbox on, then Mezzmo will extract embedded subtitles when you next add video files into your Mezzmo library or when next you maintain your Mezzmo library.

If you turn this checkbox off and you do not want to use any previously extracted subtitles any more, then click the Clear Extraction Cache button.

Extracted subtitles are stored into a special Mezzmo cache folder on your computer alongside transcoded files.

Clear Extraction Cache

Click this button to remove all extracted subtitles from your computer and from your Mezzmo library.

Edit Application List

Mezzmo automatically extract subtitle channels from video files and save them as external subtitle files. This powerful feature lets Mezzmo deliver embedded subtitle channels as external subtitle files to your devices that cannot display embedded subtitle channels in videos.

Mezzmo ships with several tools that it uses to extract subtitle channels - i.e. mkvextract.exe, OGMDemuxer.exe and ffmpeg.exe.

As an advanced feature, you can add more tools to this application list so you can extract subtitle channels from more video formats.

Note: This is an advanced procedure for users with expert knowledge on extracting subtitles from videos. The application used to extract subtitles are defined in Mezzmo's configuration file. Be very careful when editing this file! If you need assistance, contact Conceiva's customer support team.

Note: Click Default Settings to restore the application list.

Default Settings

By clicking this button, the default values will be applied to this set of options.