Options - Thumbnail Sizes

Mezzmo has three thumbnail sizes that you can change to your preferred widths and heights.

Options dialog (Thumbnail Sizes page)

Thumbnail size

To change the sizes of the three thumbnail sizes (Small, Medium and Large), choose the size from the Thumbnail size combo box. Then move the sliders to your preferred width and height for that thumbnail size. You can also type directly into the width and height edit boxes.

The minimum thumbnail size allowed in Mezzmo is 32 pixels wide by 32 pixels high. The maximum thumbnail size allowed is 600 x 600 pixels.

Maintain aspect ratio

By clicking this option the same aspect ratio will be kept whilst making changes to width or height settings.

Note: If you make changes to the settings for thumbnails, these will take affect for any new files that thumbnails are created for. Existing thumbnails that are stored as temporary thumbnails on your computer will not change.

Default Settings

By clicking this button, the default values will be applied to this set of options.