Setting the TV show name for a collection of TV show episode videos

If your TV show videos are not named in such a way that Mezzmo is picking up the TV show name from the file name, then you can fix this by creating a series.xml file in the same folder of your TV show episode videos.


  <seriesname>NCIS: Los Angeles</seriesname>

After creating the series.xml file, right-click on the playlist or folder containing the TV show video files and click 'Maintain Files'. On the Maintain Files dialog, select the 'Update all information' radio button and click 'Maintain Now'. Mezzmo will pick up the external metadata file (series.xml) and use it when looking the TV show name online.

Tip: The series.xml file is also useful if the TV show has colons or dashes in the name such as “NCIS: Los Angeles” but your video file name does not have the colon - so Mezzmo cannot find the correct matching TV show for collecting online metadata.