Streaming Blu-rays and Blu-ray ISOs

Mezzmo can stream your ripped Blu-rays and Blu-ray ISO images directly to your devices. This also includes 3D Blu-rays.

A ripped Blu-ray typically has a folder structure like:


Mezzmo reads this Blu-ray folder structure and assembles the various .M2TS format videos as gapless multi-file videos, which are added into your Mezzmo library.

Mezzmo can also read Blu-ray ISO files and access the Blu-ray files within the ISO image file.

Note: Mezzmo does not read Blu-ray discs directly from your Blu-ray drive/player. You must rip your Blu-ray using Blu-ray ripping software tools.

Note: If your DVD or Blu-ray has videos with a short duration (less than 15 minutes), then, by default, Mezzmo will ignore these short duration video titles. To fix this, see this FAQ - Controlling what videos are read from ripped DVDs / Blu-rays / ISOs

Mezzmo Pro Feature Note: Streaming Blu-ray ISOs is only supported in Mezzmo Pro.

Adding Blu-rays and Blu-ray ISOs into your Mezzmo library

When you add folders or scan your folders into Mezzmo, Mezzmo will automatically find your ripped Blu-rays and Blu-ray ISO images. Mezzmo will read the Blu-ray information and create a gapless multi-file video for each video that it finds on the Blu-ray. These videos are added into Mezzmo just like any other video file.

The metadata for the Blu-ray videos such as title, description, genre, year, artwork, etc. will be based on the folder name and ISO image file name of the Blu-ray. Based on your folder and file naming convention that you use, Mezzmo will attempt to get online metadata from web sites such as TheMovieDB and TheTVDB.

Editing your Blu-ray and Blu-ray ISO videos in your Mezzmo library

Your Blu-ray videos are listed like any other video in Mezzmo. You can right-click on the video in Mezzmo and click Properties to display the Properties dialog. This lets you edit the text metadata and artwork assigned to the Blu-ray video.